Hey Little Pea,

You’re bold, smart, brave, independent and you show great care for the others.

The ready-made paths have always frightened you and you’ve found that what you love most is doing what you’re not supposed to.

Your backpack became your best friend early on and you’ve gotten to see how diverse and spectacular the world can be. From climbing the Mayan pyramids to hiking in the Mongolian steppes and trying the most unknown food in Vietnam, it’s safe to say you’ve been pretty lucky.

Your passion for good food and your great conviction that we humans should take care of ourselves and of our surroundings led you to the entrepreneurial path.

You turned down high-paying jobs and went for the chickpea adventure, instead.

People will tell you that this lifestyle is too dangerous, that it’s not reasonable or even sustainable. That you cannot afford it or that you should settle down. Don’t listen.

There is a Chinese proverb that says that every journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step.

Keep going where your steps lead you, one step at a time, following your instincts and loving the journey as it gets more and more beautiful. Never let go of that backpack, of your enthusiasm and of your will to contribute to the world.

Have intention, have gratitude and have the time of your life.


Ps: Take some cookies for the road, always.