What is Youpeas? What is inside?

Youpeas is the first range of cookies and soft cakes made from chickpeas. Our products contain twice as much protein and fibre as standard cookies and soft cakes. They are 100% plant-based, organic and do not contain anything artificial.

What’s that name?

Youpi is a joyful exclamation in French. And as we are a team of Frenchies, we wanted to have a name that sounds like us. Then we added “peas” because we are all for putting chickpeas everywhere, from breakfast to dessert! And we want everyone to know that.

Is Youpeas vegan or vegetarian?

Both! Youpeas is good for everyone 🙂

Chickpeas in a cookie, isn’t that a little weird?

Chickpeas are nutritionally extremelyrich foods. They are dense sources of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals. They bring a feeling of satiety during meals, support the blood sugar balance and keep you full until lunch time! And tastewise ? You can’t tell the difference!

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